Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kayaking - This Time With Less Pain

I kayaked the Huron River today with Kelly, Brent, and the kids, and I am happy to report that everyone survived.

That's a good thing since Kelly and Brent's wedding is Friday, September 12.

Additionally, I've discovered that kayaking is much more fun when there is actually water in the river.

We elected to start at the Argo Canoe Livery and kayak the 3.7 river miles to Gallup Park, one of a few available routes. The kids were with us, and I was the only one who really knew what to expect from kayaks (though, really, I had no idea what to expect after the HELL ON EARTH that my last river trip dealt me), so we decided to maybe not take the 10.2 mile trip.

Here is where I would put the pictures if I owned a waterproof camera, and as I don't, I will illustrate our journey instead (like POLAROIDS. Remember those?):

Yes, that accurately describes the entire trip: Kelly and Rachel in one kayak, Brent and Nathan in the other, with me bringing up the rear. The river was a little wider at some points, however.

I did forget to include the moment in which a duck FLEW RIGHT AT US:

Yes, that is also accurate.


Waayers said...

Those are some pretty sweet illustrations. Also? That's a freakin' huge duck!!

Heather said...

waayers - You see, we grow the ducks big here in the state.