Sunday, January 16, 2005

About Me!

I'm Heather. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I used to live in Washington, DC. I am awesome.

Apparently, my blog is bad. You shouldn't read it. Because I am a bad girl who swears a lot:

Online Dating

I blog for a number of reasons, but mostly because I finished graduate school, started working, and felt I was getting dumber by the day. Also because I enjoy attention.

People/personalities you might encounter on this blog:

My wonderful boyfriend. Puts up with my shit.

: Kristen. Best friend. Lives in DC. Previously lived in London. Is fabulous.

The Lady
: My mom. "Okay, I love you lady, buh bye!"

My sister-in-law. She's basically awesome, and we don't fight. Seriously.

: One of my best friends. Lives in DC. Is a ray of sunshine.

Awesome Old Roommate
: Jenny. Is awesome. Clearly. In sunny Cali.

Friend since 9th grade. Awesomes it up in Canton, Michigan.

Heather's Body: My very naughty alter-ego.

Feel free to contact me with book deal offers and whatnot. Or to tell me that I am awesome. Either is fine. I can be reached at: heather dot dcdonut at gmail dot com.

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