Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hedgehogs of Sadness

For months, I had been coveting these wee little hedgehog dryer balls, but even though the price was right, the cost for shipping certainly wasn't. But I found them at the awesomeness that is World Market, and I snatched them up immediately.

Mike was about losing his damn mind over his static-y golf shirts, and didn't want to use anti-static spray every goddamned day (which is totally understandable), and I was determined to find a solution.

Do they work? They do! They work incredibly well - shirts no longer static-y, towels are fluffier, and clothes dried faster. I had a set years ago (there were just round balls, and were absolutely not as adorable as the hogs) that I found at CVS or the like, and they worked, but not nearly as well as these.

Of course, that is the information that I gleaned after one weekend's use, because after the sixth load of laundry finished drying, I discovered that one of them fucking broke.

I named them Fritz and Frank.
Fritz fucking broke. He broke!

What the hell, hedgehogs? Why did you have to ruin everything?