Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dave & Buster's CARNAGE

Mike and I headed to Dave & Buster's last night to join my brother and his fiance, Kari, for their joint bachelor/bachelorette party (holy balls, my little brother is getting married. Sure, they already have two children, but still. I got the invitation the other day and I started crying. I know).

The last time I went to D&B's, I spent way too much time playing some retarded game that pushed coins into other coins and when some fell over the edge, you won a few tickets.

Cruel carnival game!

This time was different. This time... I was on a mission. I bought a little swipe-y credit card thing and loaded on $20. Instead of tokens, you'd swipe your little swipe-y card and become one with the game. We played, regrettably, a round at the coin game and a few rounds at "hit the button when the twirly light is in the right place," but they were all pointless (Mike was pretty good at the twirly light game, however).

I had heard that the trivia game was sweet, but I don't think that I, Mike, or any of the unsuspecting players knew what was to come when Mike and I sat down on those stools.

Total domination.

Well, most of the time. Every so often, a guy whom we dubbed, "The Russian" would win (he just looked... Russian. And sort of like Mikhail Baryshnikov, but not as handsome), but we would always take second or third and win delicious tickets.

While other losers swiped their cards for oodles of points to play the ride-the-snowmobile game, the trivia game only charged something like 5 points per game. Really, the payment to payout ratio was delightful.

We are the champions.

I know that we can't brag about winning 1538 tickets (really!) at Dave & Busters trivia, as that would be like going on the Jeopardy teen tournament at age 46, but still (oh and can we talk about how happy I am that the stupid teen tournament is over? I was so sick of looking at the one kid's stupid floppy hair. GET A HAIRCUT).


IT GETS BETTER. Look at what I picked up in the gift shop with my winnings:


I don't know if the Punk Ass Museum Gang will be able to handle this new development.



Em said...

Could your two BE any cuter. I have a toothache.

Waayers said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear about the confrontation between the dinosaurs!!

RR said...

That. stupid. twirly. light. game. The last time I was at D&B's was with jlr, Deals, and five or six other people, and everyone in our group EXCEPT jlr and me WON at that game. Repeatedly. Jlr and I did not win one time. So there are bad feelings about that game. And, I'm sorry to say, some gladness to hear that you also did not win at it.

RR said...

Now that I re-read your post, I see that you didn't say you didn't win, only that the game was pointless. Bother.

Heather said...

em - Thanks, honey. Sorry about your toothache.

waayers - I KNOW!

rr - Your anger! It is so strong for the stupid twirly light game! It just shows how evil that place is. Go again and play trivia the whole time. You'll be restored.

JLR said...


hates it.

Heather said...

jlr - You and rr need to calm down.

And go to Dave and Buster's to break that damn game.