Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fruit Frenzy INDEED

Holy crap, you guys know how I adore Trader Joe's? Well, I just discovered another reason to marry Joe. Fruit Frenzy Bars:

Three different fruits! Oh my!

Frozen nutrition on a stick, really... when you think about it.

Right, so I love ice cream. I love it. I also love fruit bars (I think that Dole makes a lovely strawberry version), and I love fresh fruit. But what makes Trader Joe's so deliciously brilliant is that the company does not add preservatives and their products only contain natural products (I'm sure that there are exceptions, but I've never encountered a product like that).

Raspberry starts off the popsicle and it's lovely! A little tart but nicely sweet, it blends perfectly with the next flavor: lemon. And the lemon? Nice! Not overly intense, and then, before you know it? Strawberry. So good. So very good.

Anyway, if you have a TJ's near you, and you have the means, I highly suggest picking these up. They are so choice.


Waayers said...

Ha! Nice Ferris reference.

Heather said...

waayers - Gracias.