Friday, August 20, 2010

And Now I Am Thirty, and Lo! I Am Tired All of the Time All of a Sudden...

My birthday was quite a day, you guys. Let me TELL YOU, Ann Arbor is the place to BE on your birthday, because your meals are free, you get things like free cupcakes and free cups of tea. And glasses of artfully-arranged lemons, but that's neither here nor there.

(Before I start on the debauchery, I should tell you that on the 17th, I arrived at my morning job to find skittles on my desk! So that was fun.)

Taste the motherfucking rainbow.

Anyway, I had my birthday itinerary saved, in a word document entitled, "DAY OF AWESOME." And an awesome day it was!

My mom and I started out at Angelo's for breakfast. I had a lovely omelet (omg, it had potatoes in it! Potatoes, you guys!), and it was FREE. We then headed to Zingerman's Creamery, because there is nothing better after a big breakfast than gelato. Also FREE. Raspberry and free.

We then walked a few doors down to Zingerman's Bakehouse, where I hand selected six fresh bagels. I PICKED OUT MY OWN.

Finding these two places was an adventure in itself, as they are completely on the other side of town from the original deli. As we drove past the mall toward the small airport in town, I carefully followed my GoogleMaps directions, which turned out to be INCORRECT. What the hell, GoogleMaps? What are you, Mapquest? DAMMIT.

And we found ourselves in a sea of warehouses. It was weird. The addresses made absolutely no sense, and we were driving in circles, about to give up, when I spotted tables with umbrellas. It was the weirdest thing, I can tell you.

And that's how we found gelato and bagels!

It was then off to new horizons.

Kerrytown, one of my favorite places in hippieville Ann Arbor, boasts all kinds of fun shops and boutiques. One of these, FOUND, has all kinds of kitchsy knick-knacks that I adore (including the pretty text-type ornaments I got for my Christmas tree)

Helen and my "Aunt" Kim joined us for lunch at The Quarter Bistro, where not only was my meal free, the wine was HALF PRICE. THAT'S RIGHT.

Heather and Helen marvel at the lemon presentation:

After Helen went back to work (boo!), the three of us continued to follow the itinerary. We first went shopping for supplies and food for my kick ass upcoming party, and then we made a stop at Cake Nouveau, where I received a free, strawberry cheesecake-flavored, piece of Heaven.

From there, we stopped at Caribou Coffee for my free mocha, and then we stopped at my house to rest. I'm old now, you see, and I require water and rest. Like a horse!

When we realized that we had lounged around too long to get in at Conor O'Neil's for dinner, we headed to The Macaroni Grill. A chain, yes, but it was very good! We were still pretty full from the day, so we ordered appetizers and wine. And I got free chocolate cake! Not too shabby for Heather!

My mother's artistic skills shone through the gloom of the dimly-lit restaurant:

My mom and Kim drove off into the night as I ran into the mall to get my free gift at Sephora. Sign up for their rewards thing, you guys! Free gift on your birthday!

Here are some results of my PLUNDER OF ANN ARBOR:

Candles from FOUND, makeup from Sephora, and a free decaf mocha (because of the dreaded GERD) from Caribou. LOVES IT!

Oh, and Mike's sister wins the prize for the best card. It's from Uncooked, and it is AWESOME:

P.S. What the hell, you guys? I AM THIRTY.


Sunny said...

I wish I could take credit for the slut card, but alas it was my mom who picked it out. So glad you liked it. :)

I ordered you a small something (with similar small somethings for myself and my mom) but they NEVER CAME. The woman who sent it lives in Toronto, so there's a chance it's just caught up in customs (it may or may not be an AK-47) and will arrive at some point. I hope so -- I'm super sad. :_(

Heather said...

sunny - I still love that your dad was horrified by it, because my dad was, too! "Are you sure you're not offended by that, honey?" And I was all, "Why? Do you think that I dress like a slut, dad?"