Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye, Twenties!

'Tis the last day of my twenties. I went to work today, but I took tomorrow off. It's kind of a big deal, you guys. Thirty. Big deal.

I have the most ridiculous day planned tomorrow. My mom is coming up and we are gallivanting around Ann Arbor getting free shit and eating way too much food.

Breakfast at Angelo's (an Ann Arbor tradition), followed by free bagels and gelato at Zingerman's. There are free birthday candles to be had at Found, free tea at the Tea Haus, and a free cupcake at Cake Nouveau.

Restaurants cover me for lunch and dinner (but I haven't decided on which ones, yet!) and then coffee at Caribou or Biggby.

I realize that this makes me a bit of a freebies whore (I said this, verbatim, to several clerks I encountered at several establishments), but I don't care! I'm fucking thirty! THIRTY, BITCHES!

And we have to do some shopping for this ridiculous party we're throwing, so that will be fun. I have to remember to get those butter mint things. I don't even care if people eat them. I freaking love them and I'll eat the whole damn container of them myself.

Oh my God, look at them. GET IN MY BELLY.

Oh, and Mike gave me my present last night. No big deal:

P.S. I went outside to try some practice swings with these foam golf balls he got for me, and... Well, I'm not very good. To say the least. So now I have a whole new thing to obsess over! Wheeeee!

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