Saturday, August 07, 2010

Feast Your Eyes on That Which I Have Not Killed! Yet.

You guys, I like tomatoes. I really, really like them. I eat them all the damn time, and I always seems to have grape tomatoes on my kitchen counter. Grape tomatoes are sweet and awesome year-round, so I tend to buy them more often than any other kind, but summer brings massive garden-grown tomatoes, and those taste better than most any other thing that I can imagine.

Besides popcorn. I really love popcorn.

So my mom bought two grape tomato plants for me, probably secretly realizing that I would kill them with neglect, but happily placing them into the cart at the farmer's market.

I killed the first one within the week. I don't know how, but it happened. Okay, I do know how. Apparently plants like water. You'd think that I would have known that.

The other one, the "sweet million" grape tomato, was different. It was a fighter. I would leave for Mike's for the weekend, go out after work on Monday, and eventually remember the poor thing on Tuesday. It would be helplessly limp on the ground. I would drench it with water, sometimes remembering to add fertilizer, and within a day or two, it would be back to fighting shape.

But then the weekend would come around, and I would be gone for two days.

Well, I finally committed myself to the care of the poor plant, and there are BABY GRAPE TOMATOES growing. Like, I helped to not kill create life! But look! See for yourself!

Okay, so it's a bit droopy, and I had to tie the damn thing to a plant hook-thing that I actually bought for use with a bird feeder but my landlord wouldn't let me because the last time I had a bird feeder, the birds pooped everywhere and the thistle seeds fell through my upper deck onto her lower deck, and she was none too pleased. So because my poor tomato plant was pretty much as tall as me, and the hook was all I could find in my storage room, and it was that or a bunch of hangers, and I didn't know how that would actually work, I used the hook thing.

Look at that which I have cultivated!

Oh, and these were the casualties. Oops.

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