Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Thirty years ago to the minute, I was born.

August 17, 1980, I am told, was the day of my baby shower. My original due date was mid-September. As the irritating party games piled up next to the pastel wrapping paper, my mom went into labor. Apparently my grandmothers entertained people as my dad and aunt rushed around getting her ready for the hospital. This makes me smile. My grandmas were awesome.

So I'm guessing that I didn't want to wait anymore - I wanted to party with my grandmas! There were complications during the labor, and I was born by Caesarian section at 1:06 a.m. at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. I weighed five pounds.

My parents had grabbed a party gift as they left the house - my Teddy. He was much larger than me. (P.S. I just re-read that post, and man! I used to be a good writer!)

Sentimental stuff aside, I really can't believe that I've been on this planet for thirty years!

What major events happened on my birthday? I AM HERE TO TELL YOU. YAY HISTORY!

~1227 - Genghis Khan died. All I know about him I learned from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

~1587 - The first English child was born in what would become the United States. You know, after all of the smallpox.

~1598 - The Roanoke Colony is found deserted. Perhaps... smallpox?

~1914 - Germany declares war on Russia; President Wilson issues his Proclamation of Neutrality. Good timing!

~1920 - The nineteenth amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote. You're welcome.

~1939 - The Wizard of Oz premieres in New York City.

~1966 - The first pictures of the Earth, taken from the moon, were sent to NASA.

~1992 - Larry Bird retires.

And now, you might be wondering, who else shares my birthday? YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW:

Antonio Salieri - 1750
Meriweather Lewis - 1774
Shelley Winters - 1920
Robert Redford - 1936
Martin Mull - 1943
Patrick Swayze - 1952
Denis Leary - 1957
Bob Woodruff - 1961
Christian Slater - 1969
Edward Norton - 1969
Andy "Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia" Samberg - 1978

I'm most excited about sharing a birthday with SWAYZE and Edward Norton. What does that say about me?



Mush said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Heather said...

mush - Thank you so, so much!!

RR said...

I'm sorry to say that for me, too, all I know about Genghis Khan is from Bill and Ted's. I'm not even sure I spelled his name right.

But on to more important topics: Happy Birthday!

Waayers said...

You share a birthday with SWAYZE?! I knew there was something magical about you.

JLR said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Welcome to your thirties.

Heather said...

rr - I love that we learned history from horrid movies of our youth.

waayers - You are SO JEALOUS. The SWAYZE.

jlr - Thank you!