Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Which... What? No, I Am Not Smoking Anything

There are things that you just don't expect to see when walking around downtown, and one of those things is a two-legged topiary elk next to a temporary parking lot near the library.

Now, this could be an elk. Or perhaps an antelope. I don't know. I like birds. I tried to post it on my friend Tim's Facebook page, because he is a hunter, and obviously he should be able to immediately tell me what animal this is because he is a good hunter. (He once killed him a b'ar, y'all.) But since The Facebook is the devil, it wouldn't let me, and I hate it more than ever.

So I'm thinking that I should probably email the picture to him. This is really important, you guys. It just is.

Okay, perhaps it is presumptuous to assume that Tim should know what animal this is. It's possible that the artist with the garden shears isn't completely sure what animal this is. All I know is that I walk by it on the way to the bus station every evening, and I stop and look at it like I've never seen something strange in Ann Arbor before (strange is kind of par for the course around here). I like stand there, cock my head, and look at it like I'm waiting for it to come to life.

No, I don't know why. I'm just reporting the facts, you guys.

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