Friday, August 13, 2010

Brain? Are You Listening to Me? LISTEN TO ME!

It was fucking HOT today. HOT.

I got to my morning job at 7:45, and since it was Friday, I was wearing jeans. I love this dress-down rule, especially in the summer. Since the majority of the college students are rarely better dressed than the panhandlers, I still look slightly official.

I was fine throughout the morning in the overly air-conditioned building, and when I left at 11:45 to stop home to grab some lunch, I changed out of my jeans into a skirt. But THEN, my brain decided that there was no reason to change into something cooler. I replaced the skirt with my jeans.

That was all well and good, until I missed the bus by half of a block (DAMN YOU, EARLY BUS), and had to hoof it into campus. That's two miles, baby.

And I was wrong about the temperature. WRONG. It was 89 degrees at this point. The humidity was relatively low, however - at a nice 70 percent.

By the time I made it downtown, I was dying. I stepped into my favorite shop for some air conditioning, but that only seemed to make it worse.

As I was waiting to cross Main Street, wiping the sweat out of my eyes, and trying to keep my glasses from sliding off of my face, a hippie chick asked me for thirty cents. As I handed over the only change in my wallet, I think that she decided I was crazy (or possibly high), what with the exorbitant sweating, and backed away slowly.

But not before calling me "sweetie."

The closer I got to campus, my thoughts of dying increased. I had on a black tap top (but not hooker-ish. Classy, you know? Classy.) with the jeans, and my flip flops. Black was clearly an inspired choice. Sure, I was sweating like a crack addict, but at least you couldn't see the sweat.

I was a block away from Orchid Lane, a total hippie store (lots of hippie talk today, eh?) that just happens to stock one of my favorite lines of clothing. I could see skirts flowing in the breeze as they hung on racks on the sidewalk. I was practically halfway out of my jeans by the time I got to the shop, and into the dressing room before I could count to ten.

I wore it to the register and they removed the anti-theft device and price tag (cost for a linen wrap skirt? $12. I LOVE THE HIPPIES). The relief was immediate and amazing.

But I'm still an idiot.


Deals On Wheels said...

Um, yeah. It is like day 900 million of 100+ degree insanity down here in Dallas. Last week it was 107. Today a cold front blew in and it was a breezy 102. And you are complaining about 89? Ha!

(Sorry. I came back to Dallas from cool, wonderful Colorado and I am a little bitter. People down here DREAM about spending their summer in Michigan. Of course, we want to leave before the winter happens...)

P.S. My word verification is "little". Hee!

Heather said...

deals - Oh, I know that I sounded like an idiot complaining about 89 degrees when half the country has to deal with 100 on a daily basis. It was more that I am a complete fucking idiot than anything else.

Plus, I like to complain.

LOVE the word verification! Little and wee!