Thursday, August 19, 2010

Branching Out

Mike's parents got me some really nice, really thoughtful things for my birthday (can you say, "going above and beyond?"), but one of the funnest was a Wendy's gift card. There's an inside joke there that you JUST WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND, OKAY?, so I'll spare you.

My usual order at Wendy's is a five-piece nugget (99 cents), a junior hamburger (89 cents), and a small pop (99 cents). It is a filling lunch, though not really very healthy, but at least I didn't break the bank.

But I had a gift card this time. FREE MONEY, you guys! So instead of spending as little money as possible in order to stay in the black in my checking account, I thought that I would splurge and get something different.

I got a chicken sandwich. And it was nice. Wendy's wanted to make sure that I understood that I was getting THE BEST from them, and they put it right on the label:

Hee hee!

Well-rounded meal.

Actually, it was a free well-rounded meal. It tasted better that way, I swear.

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