Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Temporary Jobs... and You!

I have a great job. It's my dream job, really. Well. It would be my dream job if it were full time and allowed me to pay for things like rent. And food. And wine. Until it converts to full time - which probably won't be for another six months to a year - I've been working part-time temp jobs at the University.

Temp jobs are amazing. You never really do anything important (please see: coffee necklaces), there is a HUGE amount of downtime, and you almost feel guilty for accepting money in exchange for showing up.

One of the most satisfying things about temping are the times when they discover that you know how to do something correctly, and they go batshit insane. Basically, they are amazed that you know how to turn on a computer. When you reveal your knowledge of basic computer systems and programs, it's like a religious experience for them. In one temp job, I printed a page of labels and you would have thought that I'd found a cure for cancer.

If you receive and complete a project in the same day, they are beside themselves. BESIDE THEMSELVES.

It's a bit of an ego boost, to be honest, but I still feel like a lump just sitting around for four hours a day. I feel guilty that they are paying me to do nothing. I feel annoyed that I am at work at 7:45 in the morning when I could be at home in bed. I feel like I am only there to fill a chair. But it's really easy to get over all of those things, because there are fun things, too!

One woman has her phone's ring tone set as a woman's voice. Instead of a spine-jarring ring, it says, "Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?" It makes me laugh every time, until about the third ring. I start to get annoyed. What's even better is that she NEVER seems to be at her desk. "Are you there? Are you there? ARE YOU THERE?"

Additionally, at temp jobs, there seems to be food around all the time. Today, someone brought in bagels and donuts and muffins JUST BECAUSE.

It's worth it.


gabe said...

I temped a long time ago and this one job they had me on I think I finished everything, but they didn't send me home. I ended up sitting on the floor listening to some music, I think, until I just got so bored, I told them I quit and went back to the temp agency. When I went back to the agency and told them, I think the lady there almost cried.

Heather said...

gabe - I love that I am not alone in this world of temping. I mean, I am very glad that you have a lucrative job now, and if you're anything like Josh, I'm sure that you're still sitting on the floor listening to music once in a while :)