Monday, June 07, 2010

Little Hamburger, Please

You guys! OMG!

When I left DC to return to Michigan, I knew that I would be saying goodbye to lots of friends and a way of life. I would no longer have the Metro, the Smithsonian, and the National Mall.

There were things that I knew I wouldn't have to do without upon my return to Ann Arbor, and those included: Chipotle, Potbelly, Ikea, and Trader Joe's. All had opened in Ann Arbor sometime between 2002, when I left, and 2007, when I returned. I had become reliant upon them (especially Trader Joe's), and it was like, the best day ever when I found that they were all here!

But there was one place that I missed. Not all of the time, but when I wanted a good, cheap burger, I longed for this place. But now I won't have to wait much longer!

A Five Guys is opening in Ann Arbor. On campus. OH GLORIOUS DAY.

Obviously, people need more meat. Dr. Spaceman says, "Humans need more animal blood. It keeps their spines straight." I say that we listen to Dr. Spaceman and get ourselves to Five Guys.

I took this picture over five years ago when at a job that made me cry on a daily basis. But leaving to get lunch made me happy, especially when Five Guys was only a half block away. That is 2/3 of what they call a "Little Hamburger." Delicious! I can't WAIT to have one of those again.

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