Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Not My Fault that I Still Actually Like Childhood Foods

(I only eat Maruchan. Top Ramen is shit.)
(I also only date guys who drink Snapple.)

I love ramen noodles. Love. Of course, I only know how to make soup. My friend Gabe can make ramen in all kinds of neat ways, and I should really ask him about that.

Well, I also love fish sticks. I grew up eating them. With green beans and apple juice, it's basically a perfect meal. I know that I love to cook gourmet-like most of the time, and that this probably sounds ridiculous, but give me fish sticks and it's like a trip back in time.

So I was fucking around on CNN this morning and saw a recall for SpaghettiOs and now I am sad. I LOVE THEM and I know that I had some the other weekend (I keep some at Mike's to keep me from going out and getting take out. It's basically the same thing anyway, but at least I'm saving gas money.)

Why do I love these foods? What is wrong with me? I go on and on to people (mostly Mike, the poor guy) about eating as few processed foods as possible, but these are guilty pleasures, I suppose.

Anyway, they're trying to kill me. Maybe I should take the hint.

Evil in a can.

AND THEN. And then I got an automated call from Kroger, saying that they were pretty sure I had purchased a can (or six) (or whatever) of SpaghettiOs and that I should definitely NOT EAT ANY because the meatballs may have been undercooked and I COULD DIE.

Okay, the message lady didn't say that I was going to die. She did say that I should bring any cans back to Kroger for a full refund. Mike thinks I'm insane, but I want my $1.69 back!

Oh, and by the way? It's super awesome that I already ate some.

Damn me and my zest for childhood food memories.


Sunny said...

First, I love childhood foods too. I eat lunch like I'm 12. And I'm proud of it.

Second, I gave my toddler "Cars" Spaghetti-Os with Meatballs before they were recalled.

I could have killed my own son. Fan-friggin'-tastic.

Heather said...

sunny - Well, he seems to still be alive, right? No harm, no foul. It's like how some parents freak out about their kids eating dirt. They're kids! They LOVE dirt. Let them eat it.

See? I'd be a GREAT mother.