Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've Jumped on the Bandwagon... Er, Boat, Though Decidedly Late (Um, Plane?)


Oh man.


It took a few episodes, but I'm hooked.


Mike and I both watched the show sporadically when it first aired (years before we even met), but I soon gave up. I had happy hours to plan, you know?

Now that Lost has pulled the plug, and the final season will soon be released on DVD, Mike and I (and our collective OCD and impatience) are free to watch without interruption.

I know how difficult it was to wait for a new episode of Supernatural, so waiting for the next Lost installment must have been KILLER. I can barely stand to wait as we zip through the credits to the next episode. You Lost fanatics are impressive. And a bit insane, methinks.

Anyway, good show. I enjoy the characters, the storylines, the background stories, and the mysterious awesome/evil Island itself. I do wish that Michael would stop screaming "WALT!" for at least one episode, and I also wish that Claire would go into labor already, but I'm guessing that it all happens in due time.

I wasn't completely unaware of the show, though, even as I neglected to watch it. As a dutiful reader of Television Without Pity, I would sometimes read the Lost recaps when they appeared on the homepage even though I had practically nothing to do with the show.

Mike stares at me in surprise when I get a plot point correct, and that's mostly due to those old recaps. Now, I should mention that he has discovered and read other, probably not as awesome, recaps of the ENTIRE SHOW, so he knows what is to happen, so I should be receiving absolutely no crap from him whatsoever, but lo and behold, I still do.

We're on episode 22. I don't want to stop watching, but sleep beckons.


lem said...

I started watching about a year ago and also couldn't stop watching. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have survived if I had to wait a week between episodes and then months between seasons. I have some advice for watching Season 2. Force yourself to continue even though it might be difficult because it is worth it.

Heather said...

lem - See, I know people who waited week to week. I am surprised that they didn't go completely insane.

Thanks for the season 2 tip. I will definitely remember that.