Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Like to Sleep. Is That So Wrong?

It's 11:42 on Sunday morning.

I have been in bed since 6:00 pm yesterday.

Yesterday was the perfect storm of overcast skies and rain, drinking too much coffee, not eating lunch, then later eating onions on my sandwich. If I was trying to get a migraine and aggravate the GERD, I was off to a nice start!

I was out of bed at 8 in order to get to Kelly's for a previously arranged mission, and then it was a long day of Art Vans and Gardner Whites. Have you ever gone furniture shopping? It's like trying to buy a used car, except there are fewer gas fumes. "This is a top-quality bedroom set. You're going to be using this for fifty years. It's totally worth the price."

And I was all, "Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" And then I went a laid down on a mattress. Apparently Vera Wang has her own line of mattresses. If someone can explain to me how this happens, I... well, I wouldn't really care.

(Is this ridiculous to anyone but me? Celebrity designed mattresses? Because there was also a line of Donald Trump mattresses, which was more disgusting than weird, but still.)

By the time I got back to Mike's, it was close to 5, I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and was working on a nice little headache. I scarfed down my recently acquired Jimmy John's and immediately regretted it. I shouldn't be eating that fast, I shouldn't have eaten onions, and I shouldn't have drank that Coke.

So now I had a migraine and the GERD. A banner day, really.

I got in bed at 6, tried to watch the latest episode of Supernatural with Mike, and proceeded to feel my head pound more and more with each minute. In my idiocy, I waited two additional hours to actually take something for my head, because I'm smart like that.

It wasn't until sometime after midnight that I realized that the migraine was gone, but I was exhausted. Hence, the sleeping.

Mike got up early for some reason and then left before noon to get downtown for the Red Wings game, to which I was not invited because I am not a busy and important businessman.

So here I am, alone and bored, trying not to do laundry because it's so damn irritating.

This post sucks. I'm going back to bed.

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