Monday, April 12, 2010

They Taste Purpley

In the checkout at Target yesterday, I saw that the man in line behind me was buying the purple Doritos.

Okay, they're not purple. The bag is, though, and they are super good. Mike often has them at his place for me, along with grape tomatoes (which he hates), because he is a sweet boyfriend.

So the guy in line was buying the super awesome Doritos, and I felt that he needed to know how awesome they are - in case he didn't know.

"Oh, the purple Doritos... those are awesome!"

"I know, they're my favorite!"

Then the cashier chimed in. It seems that everyone loves these Doritos.

I didn't choose to comment on his other purchases, because I didn't think that he would want to comment on mine. What was he going to say, "Those tampons are awesome?"

Probably not.


Shane said...

Hmm, I guess I will have to give them a try now. Although the disputed Doritos champ is the elusive Taco Doritos. Words cannot express their deliciousness.

Heather said...

shane - They are magical. MAGICAL. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy. DELISHUS!

I do remember the taco ones... difficult to find. They stalk in the shadows.

Shane said...

Sort of like crabs

Heather said...

shane - Exactly like crabs.