Friday, April 30, 2010

The Blinding Sights of Spring

The high today is supposed to be eighty degrees. This is very exciting. So exciting, in fact, that I decided to shave my legs in order to wear a skirt.

Now, I've been wearing skirts for months, and I wore them throughout the winter, but this was the first day I was going to leave the house sans tights or nylons since last autumn.

As I got into the shower this morning, I realized that I had left my super awesome razor at Mike's, and was forced to use a light purple disposable razor that I found in my random drawer of bathroom stuff. I could practically feel the razor burn before I even picked it up.

I love you, Fusion.

Except there was just one.
And it was purple. And evil.

Luckily, there was no burn and no blood, but now? A few hours later? It's like I never shaved at all. Explain this to me, SCHICK.

So perhaps you are like me. While shaving, I am inevitably thinking about how freakishly white my legs are going to look once I am outside. But then! I realize that my legs are quite pigmented as compared to the white bathtub, so I must be tan!

And then you get outside and the light reflecting off of your nearly translucent legs is blinding.


JLR said...

Yes! I've actually had people shield their eyes from the sun glinting off of my legs. I think they were joking, but only kind of.

RR said...

Oh my word, I know what you mean. Have I ever told you the white pantyhose story? Well, in case I haven't, here goes (don't worry, it's short). I was going to lunch one day with Deals, and as we were walking to her car, she looked at me and said (thinking the was about to say something nice, I guess), "Wow, [RR], it's not everyone who can pull off white pantyhose."

Only I wasn't wearing any pantyhose.

RR said...

That should have read, "thinking she was about to say", instead of "thinking the". Couldn't let that one go.

Heather said...

jlr - "But only kind of." That made me laugh my ass off.

rr - I love Deals. I love that she says things like that. I miss her. I wish I could have gone to her wedding... Also, your legs are awesome.