Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Basically, I am Flying High

I am so freaking happy, ya'll, I don't even know how to express it! The lovely Megan sent me her old digital camera, and it is BETTER THAN MINE WAS. (Seriously, Megan - did you use this camera at all?!??!)

I about cried when I opened the package. I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. It's got a faster shutter speed, it has more megapixels, it has better settings and options, and it's smaller!

Basically, I am like a kid on Christmas. But instead of Mall Madness, it was an awesome camera.

So here are the first pictures I took with the new sweet ass camera. I dedicate them to Megan. Especially the moldy tomato. It's so pretty!

Look a bird.

This is a tree!

This was on my kitchen counter! For like, a week!

Ginger cat.


I call this, Tulips and Tree. And Fence.


Megan said...

Pretty pictures! So glad I could bring some joy to your life. Yes, I used the camera. I even dropped it on concrete once. Muhahaha. Have fun!

Heather said...

megan - Just so you know, I put a thank you card in the mail yesterday. Because, you know, etiquette. YAY!

JLR said...

yea! I'm excited that you'll have pictures again! even if they are of moldy tomatoes!

lem said...

HP I am shocked! How could you have a tomato like that on your counter? I expected more from you.

Shane said...

So are you really sure you didnt want this fine piece of aged machinery instead?


Em said...

Ginger Cat. We like Gingers.

Heather said...

jlr - Thanks! And it wasn't even a great picture of moldy tomatoes. I hadn't even messed around with the camera yet.

lem - Yeah, but it was a gross tomato to begin with. I know that it doesn't make it okay, but that's the truth. Mealy.

shane - YES. That camera was amazing. And you still have it.

em - Yes, gingers are okay sometimes.