Monday, December 14, 2009

Return to Holland!

Mike went down to Columbus for the weekend, and I headed to Holland. The trip takes under three hours, and if you don't leave during rush hour, it's an absolutely lovely drive. Plus, there are at least four different Biggby coffee places on the route, which makes me happy.

When I dropped my stuff in the guest room, I was greeted in a way that did not surprise me in the slightest:

Ah, clean towels.
And something with which to shoot varmints.

We met up with a large number of people who composed their wedding party back in August, and spent a few hours at the local Mexican joint, getting drunk and somehow NOT getting thrown out.

Em and her puppies.

In true Heather and Emily fashion, we later passed out in the living room watching a movie (Anchorman this time), and slept in the next morning as Timmy went a-hunting. (No deer to be had that morning, at least not ones with good enough shots, but I still went home with a good amount of venison for Mike, as that's all that exists in their freezer.)

And then... I took a shower. A GLORIOUS shower. Seriously, it's the best shower I have ever had the pleasure of getting clean in, and it was all I could do to not stay under the amazing stream of water all morning. But we had lunch plans! Plans that included alcohol!

The best shower ever.
No, seriously.
The best. shower. EVER.

We headed to the New Holland Brewing Company, stopping to pick up Kellie on the way. Kellie is an AMAZING photographer, and shot Em and Tim's wedding. I plan on hiring her for an event in the future.

There was a Bloody Mary bar, but while the two of them headed up to "fit as much as possible on a skewer," I ordered a mixture of their two ciders, and it was a positively brilliant drink.

Big Beer, Little Beer

Anyway, it was yet another awesome visit, and I am excited to see the both of them on this side of the state come Christmas.


Em said...

Good times. I love you.

Heather said...

Em - Love you too! See you soon!