Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mr. Instant Gratification

For weeks and weeks, I was on a Supernatural kick. I flew through those discs as fast as Netflix could ship them to me. I tried and tried (and tried) to get Mike to watch them, but after he sat through many of my suggested movies and television shows and enjoyed very few, he was reluctant to watch anything I put in front of him.

But there was a long weekend where I watched DAYS of sports with him. Football, basketball, golf, tennis, even poker. Once he witnessed my commitment to televised sporting events, he finally gave in.

I had only the first disc of season one at hand. I didn't want to waste three discs on something that I had already seen in case he did not turn out to be a fan.

After the first episode, he was intrigued. After the third episode, he asked how many discs I had. After the fourth and final episode on the disc, we went to Target to buy the first season. He reminded me of something that I know all too well - he's Mr. Instant Gratification. I know this because it is close to impossible to shop for him. If he wants or needs something, he gets it. This makes life super fun for me come Christmas and his birthday.

Once in a while, he'll mention that he'd like a certain something. I pay attention, make a mental note, and hope upon hope that he doesn't buy it for himself. I've succeeded in making sure that he forgets about said items by never bringing them up.

His iPod earbuds broke recently, and to make sure that he wouldn't buy a new pair, I gave him mine until I could replace his. I called it an early Christmas present, because I knew that there was no way he'd wait a month, and the spare earbuds I had at home were pretty shitty.

Luckily, I think that I've done pretty well this Christmas. He thinks that he knows what his gifts are, but I think that I should be able to surprise him with at least one.

I mean, here's hoping.

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