Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recent Wonderments

On Q-Tips:
If you're supposed to use them to clean and dry your outer ear, but not inside your ear, why does it feel so good?

On the size of my feet:
My friend gave me a pair of his daughter's shoes because she had outgrown them. She's nine. And they fit me perfectly. Is this something to be proud of, or ashamed about?

On the speed limit:
If the speed limit is 55 mph, was does everyone drive 45?

On meals:
Is a PB&J an acceptable meal at any time of the day?

On Christmas cards:
If I make my own cards, is mailing them on December 21 unacceptable?

On gifts:
If your father gets your mother the exact same gift that you got her, even though you TOLD HIM that you bought it back in October, who returns the gift when both people hate going to the mall?

On my insanity:
Was this picture really necessary?

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