Thursday, December 03, 2009

Morning Light

I catch the bus at 7:06 in the morning, and at this point in the year, the sun has yet to rise. It only takes a few minutes to get to the transit center, and instead of catching another bus, I usually walk to work. Sometimes I stop for coffee on the way.

Ann Arbor is a cute little city with a great downtown area, not too far from campus. There are a ton of great independent shops and eateries, and there are fun twinkly lights all over the place.

Every morning, I pass this building, and I always love seeing the colors of the elevators on each floor. I don't know why, but I find it really striking and artsy, especially when it's still dark.

It would probably save me a few minutes to walk up the next street to the south, but all I get to pass is an Indian restaurant and a few apartment buildings. This is way more exciting.

Am I playing it fast and loose with the word "exciting?" Nevermind. I don't care!


mush said...

I couldn't find a good place for this so I put it here, because the people on the subway are in the same category as your commute. (ok, that's weak, lame and a HUGE stretch but where else then?!?!)

Don't you miss DC?

Heather said...

mush - I love LOVE the quote in the American Art Museum book. That is absolutely fantastic.

I do miss DC. But I get to overhear moron students say amazing things here. So it's almost as good.