Monday, November 30, 2009


Oh my God you guys, look at me!

My name is Tucker, and I am adooooooorable!

This is my lamby.
I love to bite him and rip at his ears.

I like Heather, but I like Mike more.
He is better at playing.
Also, he's better at getting up before dawn to take me outside.
Heather does not seem to enjoy the early morning time.

I pretty much go ballistic when I see someone.
It doesn't matter if they've been out of the room
for seven seconds or seven hours.
I just want to kiss them all over!

I looooooove Mike.

I got up on the couch all by myself!
Most of time, anyway.

OMG, though you guys. Heather takes a fuckton of pictures.

I really did not enjoy it when Mike would hide his face from me.
I made it my mission to help him find his face.

You know what I do enjoy? Sleeping.
I really love to sleep.

I like to sleep wherever and however I decide.

I really liked sleeping at Mike's feet.

This, well... I was drunk.
It happens.

I slept in Heather's lap, too.

I had a wonderful time with Mike and Heather. I hope they had fun, too!


Waayers said...

OMG I want a puppy!!!

Heather said...

waayers - I KNOW. LOOK AT HIM.

Em said...

What a sweetie pie. OMG!

Heather said...

em - He was such a good puppy. It almost made me want one. Almost.