Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today Can Suck It

I set two alarms this morning. TWO. You'd think that two alarms would be enough to get my ass out of bed on time, but no.

No, they were not.

I have cause to think that there may be something legitimately wrong with me. Why do I not get out of bed? What is wrong in my brain? I get out of bed to walk across the room and turn off the alarm, so why do I crawl back in?

I think that I should look into this.

An hour after the alarm first sounded, I finally jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses from the nightstand, and promptly dropped them on the floor. I was still half asleep and it took me a minute to even figure out what happened, and I think that I spun in a circle or two, looking around.

I picked up the glasses, ran to the bathroom, hopped in the shower, and managed to get ready in record time.

After slapping makeup on my face, I grabbed my glasses. But. Something was wrong. They were slightly crooked.

One of the nose-rest piece things was gone. Gone!

Cut to me crawling around on the floor, half dressed, searching for a clear little nose piece and an itty-bitty screw. Miraculously, I found them both!

And then I almost immediately dropped the screw down the heating vent.

Then I remembered that most of the area had been bombarded with freezing sleet and rain since about 2 a.m., and my street was ignored, AS USUAL. My subdivision was a disaster, but the main roads were fine. Of course, this didn't stop people from driving FIFTEEN mph in a FORTY zone.


And then I ate all of my remaining Green Apple Tic Tacs for breakfast, and they are gone, and I am now sad.

Is it time for lunch yet?

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