Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Could Have Broken a Hip, You Guys

So not only am I an old woman with creaky knees, but I'm pretty sure I broke my ass today.

Or I bruised my tailbone. WHATEVER.

It started snowing today around two in the afternoon. I can't pinpoint it exactly, because my office is in the basement (ahem: lower level) and I am completely cut off from the outside world. We don't get cell phone reception down there either.

In short, it's pretty much Hell.

I went upstairs to text Mike around four (to tell him that Michigan finally hired a football coach), and I noticed that the outside was totally white.

We've had snow on and off for the past few weeks, and there was already a good amount on the ground, but it was accumulating pretty quickly.

I cut through buildings on the way to the bus stop, spending as little time outside as possible, and when I was walking out of the final one, I slipped and bump-Bump-BUMPED down the steps. More shocked than anything else, it wasn't until I stood up that I realized I was in for a world of pain.

The first few steps to the sidewalk were painful. Like, REALLY painful. Obviously, I was convinced that I was dying.

Luckily, I had driven to work. I winced my way to the parking garage and eased myself into the driver's seat.

It was a long three-minute drive home, let me tell you.

Added 1-17-11: I AM STILL BRUISED.

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