Friday, January 21, 2011


Look how fat they are!

My neighbors fill up that bird feeder every single morning, and by nightfall, it's empty. Lards.

At one point, there were FOUR squirrels on this feeder, but two of them were intelligent enough to take off when I edged closer and closer with my camera.

These two? Too engrossed in becoming enormous.



Shane said...

Attach a Slinkey around the base of the pole then watch at the squirrels contemplate your death.

lem said...

Agree with Shane. How come your neighbors haven't put something on the pole to prevent them from climbing? Why hasn't evil genius cat been feasting on squirrels? Or a neighbor? I mean, you do live in the midwest.

Heather said...

shane - I love this idea.

lem - I have no idea. They're pretty... elderly and probably just like the idea of feeding all of God's creatures.