Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Is What Happens When Left Alone to My Thoughts

Mike's mom got me a neat calendar for Christmas (among many other fabulous gifts), and it's already provided me with daily entertainment.

For example, there are word searches and mazes, opportunities to doodle and daydream, and I have done JUST THAT.

For example, this day asks, "If you could, what would you write on your office's hallway wall?" So many things, calendar. SO MANY THINGS.

They can totally suck it.

This day requests that I "Doodle the planet this guy is going to land on." Fine:

I bet he didn't know that the planet was full of
bloodthirsty killer cats and lovely flowers.

So Mary - was this what you expected? You're only aiding my eventually fall into insanity, you know.


Mary said...

Funny Heather, I was wondering if you were enjoying your calendar. I guess now I know the answer. And for your information, insanity can be a lonely place. I welcome you with open arms!

Heather said...

mary - Yay!