Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Mike gave me an amazing gift this Christmas - a gorgeous watch. I got him soap, but that's a story for another day.

Now, I don't doubt that he wanted me to have something pretty. And it is. IT'S SO PRETTY. But I do think that he might have had ulterior motives in mind.

The last time I wore a watch was over five years ago. It was the same watch that I had since 1998: a gift from my parents during my freshman year of college. I loved that watch. It was dainty and sweet, and it fit my bony wrist perfectly. I had to have almost half of the links removed in order for it to fit, and I replaced an infrequent dead battery immediately. This watch worked just fine - why get another?

Annnnnnd I lost it in DC coming home from the bar. The clasp had worn down and I hadn't really noticed. And I had been at Ella's, so... free sangria isn't always a good thing.

So I went without. I had my cell phone anyway, and could check the time almost as quickly as looking at my wrist.

But Mike said that he wanted me to have something pretty. And then he got me the prettiest watch ever:


Thing is - and this is where ulterior motives might come into play - I am notoriously bad when it comes to punctuality. My whole family knows it, and while it annoys them, they have come to expect it. They also know how to deal with it - they tell me to be there 30 minutes before they really need me to be there.

Mike has adopted this practice, and I have to tell you - when I am actually there when he mandates, and he's not ready? It's annoying!

Taste of my own medicine, I suppose.

I realize that having a watch will probably not make me magically arrive places on time. But it sure is pretty. And I love it.


Em said...

That really IS the prettiest watch ever!

Heather said...

em - Thank you! It's sparkly.