Thursday, January 06, 2011

So Are These Like, the Slap Bracelets of the Day?

So I got free rubber bracelet things from my coffeehouse today. What the fuck are these things, anyway? When I don't have it on my wrist, it's the company logo. When I wore it for five seconds (long enough to take the picture), it looked like a retarded, wonky mess.

What the hell is this? Is this supposed to look cool? Because it does not. It looks stupid.

Not that we didn't wear stupid things in the eighties. Scrunchy socks, pegged jeans, overalls with one shoulder unclasped? We looked dumb.

Remember slap bracelets though? Those things were super sweet. Of course, my elementary school banned them because the administration was convinced that we were going to sever our arteries with them. Clearly.

Hey, we were pretty much the last generation to be allowed to play with lawn darts. I think that we could handle bracelets. God.


Em said...

They are called silly bands... or bandz... I banned then from work this summer. Kids were bringing them in and then giving them away and then getting mad because "he has my silly band".... well doofus, didn't you "give" it to him? UGH. I was sick of hearing the bitching, so I said NO MORE! I throw away every one I find. I hate them.
On another note, a little girl came in about a month ago with a slap bracelet. They are not as cool as they used to be... they are made of plastic now... dude, metal was SO much cooler! :)
P.S. My word verification is ingod.

Heather said...

em - INGOD. But yeah, I think that they're retarded. I would much rather have a slap bracelet.

JLR said...

I'm with you. One of my coworkers was talking about them and how much her daughter liked them, and it took her at least 5 minutes to make me understand. I couldn't get past the fact that when you are wearing them, they just look like wonky rubbery bands. WHAT IS THE APPEAL?

And I guess that's just my age showing. I am officially old.

Heather said...

jlr - I... guess you're old, but so am I. Slap bracelets were COOL and made sense and could inflict pain. These things are just stupid.