Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not Worth the Pedicure

On Saturday, it's possible that I stayed in bed until noon. IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE. Mike had to work for some ungodly reason, and left the house at 7:30. Or 8:00. I cannot be too sure, considering I was half-passed out, sprawled across the bed, surrounded in folds of pillowy and blankety abyss.

I woke up a few times, but was absolutely convinced that it was still way too early to get up, and scrunched myself back into the sheets.

I WAS TIRED, OKAY? Just two days prior, I started a new morning temp job and LET ME TELL YOU, two days of waking up at 6 had about killed me. I'm sure that it didn't help that I had gotten used to staying up late, watching movies, and I don't know, doing puzzles.

But whatever. I woke up at noon, did some sudokus for a bit, and then finally got my ass out of bed around 1.

I thought that maybe taking a shower would be a good idea at some point - maybe even before Mike came home from work! - but just as I was standing in front of the shower, Kelly called to announce that she was ten minutes away and was picking me up to go get pedicures.

The last time I got a pedicure was for Kari's birthday back in June, and we went to this amazing place. It was an awesome, spa environment, and I vowed to never go anywhere else of lesser quality, but Kelly was ON HER WAY and there was no arguing with her.

(Listen to me all uppity about a pedicure. Like I've had more than five in my lifetime.)

Anyway, this pedicure was just fine, thank you very much, but I think that the stupid massage chair fucked up my back.

(Also, why is it that the massage chairs at the mall creep me out, but I have no problem plopping down in one at a nail salon?)

We had to wait for a good twenty minutes for a technician, and I just kept adding time to the massage program. Because WHY NOT? I wanted the waist massage, which I assumed would cover my waist and lower back, but as I am wee, the damn roller-y things were more focused on my middle and upper back.

Anyway, my back was KILLING me later, and it took me hours to figure out the cause. Because I am smart like that.

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