Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bow Before My Unpretentiousness!

As you all are aware, I love to talk about myself. I really, really do. I mean, what's a blog for, anyway? Answer: arrogance. Or, in the case of several mommy-bloggers, PROFIT.

I do not have anywhere near the number of readers they do, and I also don't stick to a topic most of the time, so it's usually pretty difficult to get a cult following. I don't care, I WRITE FOR ME.

Of course, I would write for profit, too. I would totally sell out for a big, fat, sloppy check.

Just putting that out there.

ANYWAY. A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the University's student paper, The Michigan Daily. (Ah, The Michigan Daily. Its crossword puzzle got me through more than a few 9 a.m. philosophy lectures. Oh sweet memories!) They were planning a huge feature on the new Museum Studies minor here, a program in which I am a part. This is brilliant for my program and for my job security (!!!), and we are beyond excited that it was so well done.

Declaring docent: the new Museum Studies minor a major breakthrough for the "U" and its collections

Sure, they spelled my last name incorrectly once, and they really only included a few of my quotes, but whatever, I AM IN PRINT, and print is totally not on its way out. Right?

To celebrate, I ate a Crunch bar for dinner. Yes, I did.


JLR said...

Awesome. That is awesome. I need to have something cool happen to me so that I may have candy for dinner. Because I totally would.

p.s. my word verification was "luetion," which is appropriate, because when I'm in a mood, I pretend to be a pretentious movie character type and pronounce lotion that way. "I say, woode you pass me the luuueetion?"

Heather said...

jlr - Thank you! I thought that it was pretty sweet!

And yes, I speak like that all the damn time. To myself, sometimes. Well, mostly.