Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Like Harry Potter All Over Again!

Oh, WOW.

So I was up until 4:45 last night (this morning?). Insomnia? No. GERD? Thank God, no.

Catching Fire? YES.

This isn't going to be a book review, because I think that would be lacking in taste considering I gushed about the first one only yesterday and I doubt I've given you people ample time to pick up a copy.

I loved The Hunger Games. Loved. But Catching Fire was better.

I haven't been this impressed and this addicted to a series since Harry Potter, because Lord knows the Twilight bullshit doesn't count. (I almost hyphenated "Twilight" and "bullshit" together, which I find humorous.) The third and final book, Mockingjay, won't be released until August 24, so maybe you should wait until then to start the series, because you are not going to be happy about waiting SIX WHOLE MONTHS to discover how the story will end.

But still. RUN to get these books. You will not be disappointed.


Megan said...

Dude! I read Catching Fire before it was released (sneaky librarian) so it's been killer waiting for Mockingjay. So glad you like the series!

carrie m said...

I KNOW! in my best Monica from Friends voice.

Heather said...

megan - It's brilliant. I've not been this excited about a series since Harry, and these are more intense, I feel. In a 1984 kind of way.

carrie - That's EXACTLY how I read it - as Monica. Before I even saw the rest of your comment. Hee!