Thursday, February 11, 2010

Acme Mercantile

Back in the day, Ann Arbor's Main Street Area boasted a hardware store, a drugstore, a stationary store, and the like. You know, daily amenities. Like most cities, unfortunately, over the years, Mom & Pop stores were shoved out to be replaced by chains and higher-priced boutiques.

It didn't happen completely here, as we still have the lovely Kerrytown and Farmer's Market, but that's not really helping to prove my point here, is it?

I'll be honest - Main Street is my kind of place when it comes to bars and restaurants, but when it comes to shopping, there are very few stores that get my business. The offerings are too expensive, too specific, and well, too... grown-up. I'm not in the market for a Persian rug, thank you very much. And really - who is?

But if you venture east or west from Main Street, you'll find delicious shops, used bookstores, and awesome coffee shops that don't include the word "bucks."

One of my favorites is Acme Mercantile, a shop that fills the void left by the exodus of those amenity-providing shops. You want band-aids? A hammer? Deodorant? A teapot? Smart-ass cards and magnets?

YES. You can get it all there! YES!

I love love LOVE this shop. Since discovering them at Pulp in DC, I've been on the lookout for a certain brand of greeting card. Guess who carries it?


These cards are snarky and extremely dirty, and I love them with a passion. The last time I stopped in, they were restocking the cards, and I was able to get a hold of some awesome ones, including one that I sent to Mike's sister for her birthday today - Happy Birthday Mike's Sister! (She wishes to stay anonymous on the interwebs, so rest assured that I do actually know her name.)

Anyway, I would love to post a picture of the card, but as I am not sure that she has received it, I do not want to ruin the surprise. But honestly, it is so out there, that I actually put a post-it on the front with a disclaimer that if it was too insulting to her that she should let me know and I would send a perfectly normal one in its place. Because, you know, even though we're the same age and have a good number of similar interests, my sense of humor is kind of fucked up, and sometimes I just can't read people.

But I think that it'll be okay.

Of course, I forgot to take into account that she is currently pregnant with twins and on strict bed rest, so I'm either going to make her laugh her ass off or really piss her off.

Um... hee?

Anyway, want some seriously awesome, witty, messed up greeting cards? Get thee to Acme Mercantile!


Sunny said...

Hey! I was just going to send you an email, but seeing as it relates to your post, I'll just leave a comment. :) The card was hilarious! I did appreciate the disclaimer... just to remove any doubt that you don't want to see me in hell. It did make me laugh out loud, and actually my mom, too. I'll have to see about finding those cards out here in Seattle, I have one friend who I know would love it. She's a bit of a fatalist with a great sense of humor.

Thanks for the birthday shout-out!

Heather said...

sunny - Mary liked it? Okay, that's good. To be honest, I was more worried about her thinking that her son was dating a total asshole.

I think that the maker of the card has a website and you can search for stores in your area that carry them. Unfortch, I don't think that you can order them online, though perhaps there are shops that allow it. NO CLUE.

And Happy Birthday!