Monday, February 01, 2010

February Will Be a Banner Month. Bannerific!

I have decided something. For the month of February? I am going to post something every day.


A full month of posting has never been done before on this here site, and though I struggle with interesting things to tell y'all, I think that it would be a good resolution. Much better than the thought that I might be able to go without Coke for a month. Or mochas. Or the thought that I could go a day or more without the internets (hmm, I actually think that I can do that, but I obviously need it for work... Yeah, I don't think that it would be wise to test out that one).

And I know that I don't always follow through on my plans to post something new everyday...

So obviously I have to start out small, with the shortest month.

Now I also want to try to have some ground rules for myself. I want to post quality awesomeness, but I have to give myself a few outs here and there. That's why I have decided that posting gems from "Things My Boyfriend Says" are totally acceptable, as are any Punk Ass Museum Dinosaur Gang soliloquies or the like. Posting random pictures of things I see about town? Not acceptable. There must be at least a few lines of text.

Let's go!


lem said...

Yay! More Punk Ass Museum Dinosaur Gang posts!

Heather said...

lem - That's the plan. I took many pictures before I left the museum and I have other ideas up my sleeve as well. It's going to be EPIC. Or, if you will, EPOCH. HAHAHAHAHAHA!