Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Perhaps an Intervention?

Oh hello!

Where have I been?


Hallie and Sarah don't think that I should tell you, because they both think that I am batshit crazy. And they're probably right.

I've been a little obsessed with the Twilight series. I read all four books PLUS the first twelve chapters of the next book on the author's website. In a week.

I know that this series has gotten a ton of crap for being "anti-feminist," but I honestly don't care. They are some of the most romantic books that I've ever read, and frankly? Sometimes I think that it's okay to get lost in a book where love rules supreme and nothing can stop happiness - even if it does mean that the woman needs a man to rescue her and be her everything. What? That's romantic!

(Feminists everywhere growl in anger.)

In this case, he's not so much a "man" as a "vampire," but whatever. DEAL WITH IT.

And since Meyer has kind of redefined the genre of vampire tales, making up her own myths (like why her vampires can be out and about during the day) and she's also pissed off the vampire snobs and Anne Rice purists, etc.

I would go into the ridiculous description of the series that Hallie and Sarah had to hear from me at lunch today, after which they both stared at me like I had fallen, hard, off of the tree of sanity, but since that's what prompted Sarah to ask, "And that's why you haven't been writing?" and Hallie to say, "If you honestly want me to read these someday, you're going to have to stop talking. Because you're making it worse," then perhaps I shall spare you.

The thing is, I just CANNOT describe why these books have taken hold of me. I honestly can't. I shouldn't like them. I shouldn't be drawn to them! But I am, and I'm over it. And while I won't force them on anyone, I certainly won't get all uppity about them as many people in the internets community have. I'd link to them, but they're mean and give away the plot.

The first movie, Twilight, will be released in theaters on November 21, and poor Mike - my poor, sweet, loving Mike - will be accompanying me. I know that I said I would never drag my sweet boyfriend to a chick flick, but he's going. I want to see this with him. It's too romantic to see with my mom. (Sorry, Lady!) Plus, we would have been going to the theater anyway, as the 21st is when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was to be released, so...

Just to show you the current state of my obsession, I will now post some pictures of what my apartment looked like last night. I have not done anything around the house in a week. It's bad. Warning: The following images contain horrible sights. If you enjoy things to be clean and more tidy than untidy, I suggest you skip past the pictures. Seriously.

Window Seat
Not that bad, I know, but I'm just easing you in.
And I wanted you all to see MY SEXY PINK SHOES.
And... ballet tights. They're clean, but... Sorry.

Living Room
The couch is covered in clean clothes I've yet to fold.
They were washed over a week ago.
The coffee table is housing my computer, cheerios,
and other assorted crap.

Dining Nookery
Harry Potter Scene It! and demented dinosaurs.
And more bags than anyone ever needs ever.

Not too horrible, I suppose. Just cluttered.

Kitchen Island
Trader Joe's O's and my basil tree.
It won't stop growing.

Piece de resistance: Kitchen sink
I am seriously disgusting. I know.
(Mike's probably stopped reading by now.
He can't believe his girlfriend is so gross.)

If I wanted to gross you out entirely, I'd post a picture of the inside of my fridge. But I don't even want to see that, so consider yourselves lucky.

I've been lost in other series before, and I don't limit that description to books. Harry Potter aside, I also harbored an unhealthy obsession with watching every single episode of Gilmore Girls as well as Veronica Mars. I am now considering Buffy and Twin Peaks.

(What? I heard that Twin Peaks was awesome.)

Anyway, I told Hallie that the reason that I wasn't going to just hand her the first book, even though it is currently in my work bag, is because I started rereading it last night.

Hallie and Sarah are considering an intervention. I just thought that you should know.


Carrie M said...

welcome, my darling, welcome. to the unhealthy place that is being a Twilight fan. Now that you're caught up, I'll bring you this lovely sangria (looks like blood, get it? hardy har...) and we can chat about the series.

You are still firmly in the honeymoon stage, of which I remember mine fondly. I still love Twilight and wish I could go back to devouring it with the passion I did back in April. But there's only one first time, isn't there? *sigh* Although these books tread in some veerrrrrrrry dangerous waters, they were still delicious.

Well, Breaking Dawn not so much, but hey. It's unfortunate that the last book has caused the contraversy that it had because before it was a happy yet dysfunctional story that either you loved or you hated. BD kinda changed that.

I'm rambling. This is what happens when you have the Twilight disease. Anyway, welcome! Oh, and I warn you that while Meyer can tell a great story (somehow, inexplicably), she can be quite maddening in real life as can some of the fans. Just brace yourself as you dig around in fandom.

Jenn said...

I've been a loyal reader for a while now, and I'm so glad to know there is someone else out there that has gone through the same obsession! I read all four books in about a week, dashing into Walmart for .34938490 seconds three days in a row just to buy each book. I went from work to the couch everyday forgetting EVERYTHING else I needed to do (i.e. feed the dogs, finish the laundry that had been sitting for a few days in the washer). My fiance was ready to kick my ass! I tried reading him a few passages and explaining it to him, but he never did seem to appreciate it the way I did. Dragging him to the movie may be the way to go...;). So I appreciate the post..I'm taking the books to my mom this weekend...she is going to LOVE IT!

Heather said...

carrie - Yeah, I'm still there. I'm re-reading everything again (though I might skim through much of New Moon - too sad) and my latest insanity has to do with downloading songs that Meyer suggested.

jenn - My boyfriend was slightly disgusted with me and the pictures of my apartment, but since we don't live together, he was able to ignore most everything. Except me trying to read when we were watching football. But he's actually excited to see the film, so I'm happy about that!