Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can't Stop Watching

A while back, Mike and I were watching weird videos we found on youtube. I can't pinpoint the exact moment, but there was a time in which we wondered whether the people who posted said videos were sick in the head or if we were the sick ones for enjoying them.

It was semi-philosophical, really.

And no, I won't be telling you how sick we are. Sure, it's probably not that bad on the twisted scale, as there are some sick fucks out there, but we did realize that we each have the brain of a twelve year old when watching dogs vomit makes us laugh like the deranged.

I know, I'll say it for you. GROSS.

But also? Hilarious.

Anyway, I've been watching this constantly since I saw it - I don't remember the commercials when they aired, but here you go. How to easily entertain me:


MG said...

Em said...

Charrrrrlllieeeee....... I love You Tube.

lem said...

Have you considered making a film about the punk ass dinosaur gang?

Also, part two of Charlie the unicorn plays the unicorn song!

Em said...

A video of the punk ass dinosaur gang would be the best ever!

Heather said...

mg - That is awesome. I'm partial to Planet Unicorn, though.

lem & em - I'll see what I can do.