Saturday, September 13, 2008


Kelly & Brent
September 12, 2008

It was quite the week - work, work, evening event at work, wedding rehearsal, dinner, wedding!

Kelly and Brent met over three years ago at a bar in downtown Wyandotte, Michigan. After a month, they were inseparable.

I was honored to be asked to be a member of their wedding party, and man - do they know how to throw a party!

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Canton, Michigan, followed by a lovely reception at Plymouth Manor, in Plymouth, Michigan.

I don't know what else to say about Kelly and Brent. Kelly's been my friend since the summer of 1994, and even when she moved to Indiana for a spell and I headed to DC, she was never more than a phone call away. Brent, well, he's made her happier than I've ever known her to be. They are wonderful people and it's obvious to anyone that they are meant for each other.

(wipes away tears)

(I only cried a little during the ceremony, I swear.)

Here's a sampling of my pictures from their big day!

The bridesmaid's bouquets were amazing.

Heather & Kelly

Loved my hair!
See alternate views here and here.

I love my amazing boyfriend.
He made the night for me!

Congratulations, Brent and Kelly!

See all pictures here.


Em said...

So beautiful. Tell Kell I said congrats!

Heather said...

em - I will!