Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Why They Shouldn't Allow Internet At Work

Okay, so clearly I loves me some internets, and I just can't ignore stuff like regretsy, look at this fucking hipster, and one of my all-time favorites: passive aggressive notes. Today I bring you: The Wu-Tang Name Generator.

So I clearly spent about twenty minutes plugging in the names of everyone I know including my boss. But his result was boring, so I bring you:

--Me: Quiet Worlock
--Mike: Tha Overlord

I have a feeling that Mike will enjoy his result, but I don't like that my Wu-Tang name has a tie to Crackpot Charlie Sheen.

But then, I wanted to know how different our results would be if I included our middle names.

--Me: Lazy-Assed Beggar
--Mike: Arrogant Conqueror

What the hell? Why does Mike get the awesome leader-type names, and I am deemed lazy? I mean, it's possible that I spend more time sleeping than awake, but that doesn't mean anything.

Let's see what other names generate, shall we?

My brother: Phantom Commander
Kari: Irate Destroyer
K-10: Shriekin' Leader
Emily: Vulgar Wizard
Tim: Dynamic Hunter
Helen: B-loved Mastermind

Okay, maybe I should get back to work...

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