Saturday, April 09, 2011


Moving in with Mike gave me the opportunity to unload a bunch of my things, and my brother and Kari were the recipients of a good amount of crap including clothes for my nieces, my old computer from grad school, two televisions (why did I have two?), furniture, artwork, a CD alarm clock, and a mini fan. And a lamp. Steven basically went shopping in my house while he was there to help me move.

(Note: I have too much stuff.)

Anyway, I also handed over two of the best chairs in existence - this kick ass lounger from Ikea, and the nest chair of dreams. Of course, one of the household members took to it first. And won't give it up, apparently:

Bruiser like chair. Bruiser not move.


Anonymous said...

Yes Heather thank you for unloading all your crap at my house. I didn’t have one anxiety attack at all when I saw all of the crap coming into my house. NOT ONE lol :) and ps Bruiser still owns that chair, lol

Heather said...

kari - HA HA HA! My evil plan has WORKED.