Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chronicles of Cohabitation

Moving in with Mike has been quite an experience. When you take two people who are more than slightly OCD and overly organized and place them in a two-bedroom condo, you might think that the foundation would soon begin to erode.

But it's been awesome! I have come to understand that he likes things a certain way, and he has come to understand that I am more than likely going to change things and drive him crazy.

The kitchen, however stereotypically, is MINE. The only appliance Mike uses on a regular basis is the microwave, and I needed to drastically alter the setup. I only gave him a few minor heart attacks by changing things without telling him (like switching the cabinet that held dishes with the cabinet that held glassware), but now I've learned to alert him to upcoming changes, and he's fine!

Or so he says.

But I knew from the start that he was the man for me. Look at the closet:

It's so... beautiful!

Anyone who meticulously arranges his clothes like that is perfect in my book. I've been color-coordinating my closet since college!


Of course, this is what it looks like now that I've moved in all of my things:

I... have too much stuff.

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