Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cut it Out, Mother Nature

When a native Michigander considers a typical day of weather in this mitten of a state, he thinks of unpredictability. A complete and utter clusterfuck of temperatures. Today was no exception.

When I left the house to walk to work? 68 degrees with something like 90% humidity. By the time I had walked about a mile, I was sweaty and gross and caught the bus for the rest of the trip.

About five minutes after I arrived at work? Rain. So catching the bus wasn't just laziness on my part. It was good planning!

Ten minutes later? 50 degrees. (I know, because that's when I closed the window in my office.)

When I left for lunch with the girls? 58 degrees, low humidity, and chilllllllly. I was glad to have my coat.

When we emerged from MONGORRRIAN (which was, as I expected, no better than the last time I ate there -- eight years ago)? 70 degrees and sunny. Coat come off.

Then we went here for a little treat. This has nothing to do with my story.

When I left work at 5:45 for ballet class? 60 degrees.

When I left the ballet studio for home? 50 degrees.

Now? 49 degrees.

Michigan, thank you for making this day insane. I'm actually surprised that all of the changes in temperature and barometric pressure haven't dealt me a massive migraine.

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