Thursday, July 31, 2008


The sound that 40-year-old glass makes when it spontaneously breaks due to improper temperature control (my museum doesn't have air conditioning. Really. The Museum of Art, alternatively, is currently undergoing a $35.4 million renovation).

This poor gentlemen lost an arm and a leg in the disaster:

Interestingly, after some ridiculous complaining by someone important enough to make changes, the large number of "inappropriately dressed" women was reduced to just a few. One of these unfortunate heathen women was removed from this particular case. We think that the gods? They were angry. It's hard to find righteous boobage these days.

They probably wouldn't be too amused by this, either.

Don't say anything.


RR said...

No AC? Wow. Don't you get a little warm in there?

Well, I guess what you're saying is that you do, and that's why the glass broke. Good one, rr.

Heather said...

rr - Our offices are air conditioned, but the general exhibit space is not. We don't have the funds and the University ignores us for what is deemed "high culture." We suck, apparently. Plus the building is so old that we would need massive renovations for HVAC repairs. And we can't afford to close. Catch-22, really.

During every other month, the museum is fine. Most of the summer is fine, too, as the museum is littered with marble, which seems to keep it pretty cool. But August is a killer in this state, and the humidity is going to make it absolutely disgusting in here.

Kristen said...


Heather said...

kristen - EXACTLY.