Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Oscoda, Michigan is a smallish beach town on Lake Huron. About a three-hour drive from Ann Arbor, it's not too far away, but far enough that you feel your escape taking hold shortly after leaving your driveway.

I wasn't really in need of a vacation, but my parents were! We used to rent a cottage up here when I was five or six years old, and I can still remember making sandcastles on the beach and playing with my cousins.

Mike and I drove up on Saturday, July 19 (I know, I'm a slacker), and spent the day walking down the beach, wading in the lake, reading, and eating. It was a little chilly on the water, with temperatures only in the low 60s:

One of us was a little chillier than the other...
(And one of us looks a lot cuter in blankets)

We headed back to Ann Arbor late that night, and I was able to get a few days off of work later in the week. I drove up on Wednesday and my brother and his family had already arrived. It was a wonderful trip and and really hope that we can make this an annual trip again. I want my nieces to start building their memories - away from computers and television.

I call this one,
"When Alexis first realized her aunt was crazy:"

Thursday morning on the beach:

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse and Museum!
Even on vacation, I seek out places to learn:

Oh, hi. I didn't see you there.
It's quite sunny today.

Hi, I'm a cormorant with one foot:

It's possible that I might have run full speed
at these seagulls shouting, "MINE? MINE?"
in order to get this shot. It's a possibility:

Me pose good:

And now he has two feet. Weirdo:

Alexis running from the waves.
This went on for quite a while.


Cute little family:

Two weird bugs doing it on Steven's sleeve.

Lady and her first grandchild:

I want to go back like, tomorrow.


Megan said...

Those bugs scare me. What the hell are they!?

Heather said...

My coworker thinks they are robber flies. Gross, huh?