Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reason to Love Ann Arbor #4

The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fairs

For a few days each July, Ann Arbor teems with artists, tourists, and families all looking to enjoy four different Art Fairs. It's absolutely ridiculous, and hilarious because each of the art fairs is constantly trying to outdo the others. We're the original Ann Arbor Art Fair! Oh, yeah, well... we're the largest! We're the prettiest! We hate you! No, we hate you!

Basically, the city makes a killing and everyone is - seemingly - happy. Well, except those looking for parking. They get a little irate.

And really, most of the townies get the hell out of, well, town. The streets are closed, parking is impossible, the restaurants are packed, and it doesn't matter how mild the weather's been, because it always ends up being 95 degrees with 99% humidity. It's delicious.

Attempt to walk! I dare you!
(from Wikipedia)


Kramer said...

I tried to create my own list of reasons to love ann arbor. I'm still trying to think of the first reason.

Heather said...

kramer - You are a tough customer.