Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Even USES Checks Anymore, Anyway?

I went strawberry picking with my lovely sister-in-law and my adorable nieces today.


Anyway, we went strawberry picking and it was a highly fruitful endeavor.


Kari paid because she had cash and I had none, but I told her that I would write her a check for my half. Later, I got my checkbook, flipped it open, and realized that I didn't have any new checks.

Now, like most people in this digital age, I rarely use physical checks and do most of my banking and bill paying online. During the last year or so at my old apartment, I was sending electronic payments to my landlord instead of handing her a check with "RENT" written in the subject line. I couldn't tell you when or why I wrote my last check.

So I've searched all afternoon for my extra checks (of which I KNOW to exist), and I have NO idea where it is hiding. I looked in every conceivable box, bag, and drawer, and then I moved on to my car.

My car's trunk was full of stuff from the apartment that I just hadn't gotten to yet, and to be honest with you people, it probably would have remained untouched until another one of these inevitable situations arose.

Alas, no checkbook.

I then moved on to the few boxes that I have stored in the garage. There aren't too many - just things that I didn't want to place in storage in case I needed to get to them in a hurry. One would assume that the checks would be there.

They were not.

The next step is to search the storage unit.

I don't want to.


Shane said...

paypal! checks suuuuuck

Heather said...

shane - I have rarely had a good experience with paypal. I think that it hates me.