Thursday, June 09, 2011

Golf Lessons, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept My Suckitude

Oh my God, you guys. I had my first golf lesson the other day, and let me just tell you, I WAS AWESOME.

Obviously, my outfit was adorable. Plus, I actually found shoes in my size. That fact alone is a winning situation.

pic of shoes

So I met with the golf pro, and I learned many things!

First, I learned my stance. As it turns out, there is no getting around how stupid you look when in a proper golf stance.

Second, I learned my grip.

Third, I learned how to swing. You can't imagine the elation you feel when you pop a tee out of the ground with your swing.

And then I was convinced that I was the next big thing. That's JUST how awesome I was.

A few days later, I headed up to the driving range to hit some balls. It... didn't go well. I hit a few balls quite well, but I definitely lost track of the amount of times that I ground the club into the dirt.

It was also a little awkward considering every other person there was right handed, and I was facing ALL OF THEM as I stood there with my left-handed clubs.

Anyway, I am still awesome. I just need more practice.

They mock me.

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