Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Roku, How On Earth Did I Live Without Thee?

Mike was a groomsman in his cousin Neil's recent wedding, and as a groom's gift, he not only received a pair of gorgeous cuff links, but also a Roku. I may have had something to do with that last item, but I plead the fifth.


I have finally been able to really crack into my Netflix queue (who has over 200 movies on their lists, honestly?), and have also finally gotten the chance to watch some television shows that I have been putting off.

Archer: Are you kidding me with this show? It is AWESOME and while I am aware that it's on cable and therefore semi-immune to the extreme censorship the networks deal with, I am still amazed at the raunchiness. Of course, that's only part of what makes it so hilarious. Archer is a spy in a secret spy organization run by his mother. He's a womanizing asshole, and yet, you love him. Half of the voice actors are from Arrested Development, which is brilliant.

The League: Who knew that a show about a group of friends and their fantasy football league could be so funny? And dirrrrty.

Parks and Recreation: Now I finally know what people have been talking about. I'm only a few episodes in to the first season, and I've heard that it only gets better from here. Great!

Party Down: Wannabe actors working as cater waiters. It's painfully funny.

The Pillars of the Earth: I read the book, I've started the miniseries. It's goooood.

As for movies, I've watched Ballerina, a documentary on ballet at the Kirov, Let the Right One In (what an incredible adaptation, by the way), and a horrible movie that should have been better but totally wasn't. But then again, David Duchovny was in it, so I should have known.

Lastly, I've watched two episodes of the new BBC version of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, updated for the 21st century. It's absolutely amazing. The acting is phenomenal, but the writing is probably the best part of the whole show. It's entertaining and yet hearkens back to Conan Doyle's original works. There's a bit of romanticism to any adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion, and the fact that it's set in a time of cell phones and wifi doesn't change that at all.



lem said...

I'm glad you've finally joined the Roku converts. Best thing ever! You can also watch the free NASA channel, play some music on Pandora, and watch Sony movies and shows on something I've just learned about, Crackle.

Heather said...

lem - I don't know what Crackle is, but I am extremely intrigued. Intrigued!