Sunday, May 01, 2011

This Is My New Favorite Website, You Guys

When Mike's home from traveling the country for his job, we usually watch ESPN, or a movie, or season one of 30 Rock for the ten-trillionth time. And I'm not complaining - I truly don't mind what we watch, and if sports highlights on a fucking loop make him happy, then I am happy. Besides, that's what books are for.

And 30 Rock is the best show ever made, period.

But my two favorite channels are HGTV and the Food Network. And I watch them religiously when he's gone.

It's not that he doesn't like those channels - in fact, he rather enjoys the house-hunting shows on HGTV - it's that I keep them for myself. They are my channels, and I don't like to share. Besides, he usually tries to Mystery-Science-Theater them, which is hilarious but I often miss entire sentences from laughing too hard.

So I know the shows (and the hosts, the subject matter, the recipes, the projects) pretty well. That's why Food Network Humor is the best find of the year for me.

Where else would you find stuff like this?

That... is more than I care to eat in one sitting.
One family member, sure, but the whole family? And a dog?
Bring me some pre-emptive Tums, please.

It's funny 'cause she's a fucking drunk.

I've been saying that for years!

I mean, if I had known flow charts could be that hilarious... well, I would make them all the live-long day.

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